The former Netflix exec leading BET Plus breaks down his launch strategy for the streaming service, from price to target audiences (VIAB)

Businessinsider - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 18:00

  • BET Networks' general manager Devin Griffin, a former content development exec at Netflix, talked to Business Insider about his strategy for BET Plus. 
  • The $10-per-month streaming service, which launched on Thursday, aims to fill a vacuum for streaming services that cater to black audiences and tell stories about the African-American experience.
  • Using learnings from his Netflix days, Griffin said he expects to be tinkering a lot with the service to figure out what subscribers want, and how best to compete as new services like Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus launch later this year.
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BET Networks is the latest TV brand trying to take its programming directly to audiences online.

On Thursday, the Viacom-owned network launched a standalone streaming-video subscription, BET Plus, with 1,000 hours of programming for $10 per month.

The platform — focused on TV shows, movies, and specials by African-American creators — rolled out ahead of forthcoming services from media and tech behemoths like Disney, Apple, WarnerMedia, and NBCUniversal in the next year.

Devin Griffin, a former content development exec at Netflix who is the EVP leading BET Plus at Viacom, talked to Business Insider about the strategy, and challenges, of launching a subscription service in the already crowded streaming landscape.

Griffin said he expects to be listening and tinkering a lot with the platform in its first year — something he learned from his Netflix days — to make it stand out as new and bigger players enter the space. 

"We're going out into the market with eyes wide open about the fact that it's dynamic, shifting, and changing," Griffin said. "When you're launching a service like this, every day is an opportunity to improve  — adding new content, getting smarter about what works, and trying to understand what our subscribers want to see. Then also leading them to new things that maybe they aren't telling us explicitly, but we can use data to intuit."

Griffin will be focusing on a few key areas post-launch:

  • How people respond to the content through engagement on the platform, social media, and consumer research.
  • The cadence of original releases, which will debut once per month.
  • The release model, which will include a mix of seasons that are dropped all at once, and others that will premiere with three episodes and then move to a weekly schedule.
  • How the platform is performing through partners like Amazon, Apple, and Google's Android devices.
  • The overall user experience, included how titles are discovered and recommended on the platform.
BET will be moving from a basic-cable model to a premium offering on streaming.

By charging $10 per month for BET Plus, the BET brand will be moving from a basic cable network on TV to a premium streaming offering, on par with Starz ($9 per month), Showtime ($11), or HBO Now ($15).

Netflix is in a similar price range; it starts at $9 per month in the US, but its $13 plan is the most popular. Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus are trying to undercut the market by charging $5 and $6, respectively.

Griffin said consumer research led the company to that price point. There were conversations about an ad-supported model, but the company is positioning BET Plus as a more premium offering.

"We're really focused on providing an ad-free experience and really trying to nail that down," Griffin said. "It's a part of a broader portfolio strategy that we're taking at the Viacom corporate level."

Viacom has a mix of streaming platforms, including the free, ad-supported service Pluto TV, and subscription services Noggin, NickHits, MTVHits, Comedy Central Now.

The platform is trying to grow BET beyond its core TV audience, which is waning alongside the rise of cord-cutting.

Even with new services on the way, like Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus, there's a vacuum of platforms that speak directly to black audiences and offer premium African-American stories, Griffin said.

He expects BET Plus subscribers to use the service as a complement to other streaming services.

"African-Americans just watch a lot of content; a lot more than the general audience," Griffin said. "That's given us a lot of confidence that there's still plenty of room for us to play and try to be a meaningful addition to the offerings that are out there."

The linear BET channel, like other networks, has been losing TV subscribers as audiences abandon conventional pay-TV packages. BET's lost 2% of its subscribers in 2018, closing the fiscal year with 220 million globally, according to Viacom's annual report. The network's live-and-same-day viewership was also down 11% in the US, and 15% among 18-49-year-olds, Nielsen data reported by IndieWire showed.

Griffin is hoping to find some of those audiences, who have ties to the BET brand, online.

The core BET viewer today skews African-American, female, and 35-years-of age and up, Griffin said. BET Plus is targeting those viewers with shows like its new original sitcom, "First Wives Club," a reboot of a 1996 comedy about divorcees' whose husbands left them for younger women.

"BET Plus is place where viewers and creators alike can sort of find themselves, express themselves in ways that we don't think other platforms out there are facilitating," Griffin said.

It's also trying to evolve the content strategy to attract younger audiences and men, as well as people who aren't familiar with BET because they may not have had cable.

The platform is a joint venture with production company Tyler Perry Studios. Tyler Perry will be bringing some of his movies and stage plays to BET Plus, as well as creating original content, bringing talent, and helping promote the service.

BET Plus has also been targeting ads on social media to people who have shown an interest in Perry's movies and TV shows, as well as BET programming.

"BET Plus is really about expanding the tent for us," Griffin said. "It means serving your base, but then also opening up all the panels, all the side doors, so that folks from different walks that represent the diversity of our audience and their interests can all be well served."

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How to transfer all of your apps onto a new iPhone, using iCloud or the App Store

Businessinsider - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:55

  • Using an iCloud backup, you can transfer all of your apps to a new iPhone at once, without paying anything extra.
  • You can also use the App Store to pick and choose which apps you'd like to download on your new iPhone.
  • Before you get rid of your old iPhone, make sure that you've made an iCloud backup to restore on your new phone.
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Moving your data to a new iPhone has become a fairly seamless process, thanks in large part to Apple's iCloud backup and restore process. 

iCloud lets you perfectly duplicate your existing iPhone — apps and data included — on a new phone when you upgrade. 

And if for any reason you don't want to use iCloud to restore your new iPhone via iCloud, you can transfer apps one at a time using the App Store.

Check out the products mentioned in this article: iPhone 11 (From $699 at Apple) How to transfer apps to a new iPhone using iCloud 

To transfer your apps and data using iCloud, you need to have a recent backup of your old iPhone. You probably already have your phone configured to perform automatic, daily backups to iCloud.

To make sure you have a current backup, see how to back up your iPhone with iCloud in our article "How to backup an iPhone to iCloud, to a computer through iTunes, or to an external hard drive."

Once you know that you have a backup of the old phone, you can restore it during your new iPhone's initial setup. 

1. Turn on your new iPhone and follow the setup instructions. 

2. On the Apps & Data screen, tap "Restore from iCloud Backup." 

3. When your iPhone asks you to sign into iCloud, use the same Apple ID that you used on your previous iPhone. 

4. Tap "Next," and choose the most recent backup to install. 

After a few moments, your phone will be restored with all the apps from your previous iPhone.

If you've already set up your iPhone without restoring your old apps, you can still restore the apps from a backup, but it will erase any apps and data you have since installed on the new phone. 

To do that, follow the instructions for how to factory reset and restore your iPhone in the article "How to restore your iPhone from a backup after taking the 'nuclear option' of a factory reset."

How to transfer apps to a new iPhone using the App Store

If you want to selectively restore apps to a new phone without transferring every app you had on the old phone, you can do that using the App Store. 

That's because Apple keeps a record of every app you've ever purchased or downloaded for free, and you can re-install those apps at any time on the same phone or any iPhone you later upgrade to. 

1. Start the App Store app on the new iPhone.

2. Search or browse to find the app you want to install. 

3. Instead of "Get" or a price, you should see a cloud icon to indicate you already have installed that app in the past. Tap the cloud to install the app. You won't need to authorize the download with Touch ID, Face ID, or a password, since you already own it. 

4. Repeat that process for any other apps you want to install. 

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Merkel to deliver Germany's climate plan amid protests

Al Jazeera - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:46
Protesters hit the streets as politicians agree on a mix of emissions trading and higher taxes to tackle climate change.
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Thousands march in Algeria in first protest since election call

Al Jazeera - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:37
Demonstrators reject call by powerful army chief to hold presidential election by December and demand his removal.
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Rihanna's lingerie brand is streaming a glitzy fashion show on Amazon, and Victoria's Secret should be terrified

Businessinsider - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:36

Rihanna is inching in on Victoria's Secret's turf. 

The singer-turned-businesswoman has been setting the internet alight with her racy Savage X Fenty lingerie shows, which returned to New York Fashion Week for the second year running this month. Critics said that the show was everything that Victoria's Secret's annual runway show wasn't — inclusive and diverse, featuring models of all shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds.

America's former lingerie sweetheart is facing ongoing criticism for losing relevance in the wake of #MeToo and has seen sales slide in recent years as new, buzzier brands crop up and take market share.

Now, Rihanna is taking it a step further by partnering with Amazon to stream her fashion show on its Prime Video service, in an attempt to beat Victoria's Secret at its own game. Customers will also be able to shop her new collections on Amazon. 

Read more: Rihanna zeroed in on Victoria's Secret's crown jewel with a raunchy new lingerie show

The news comes just months after Victoria's Secret announced that it was "rethinking" its own annual fashion show and would no longer be airing it on network TV; the show previously drew in millions of viewers each year.

By streaming and selling on Amazon, Rihanna is able to tap into a large pool of potential shoppers — with an estimated 100 million Prime members in the US alone — and grow greater awareness around the brand. By selling on its website, she has similarly opened herself up to a much larger audience. Up until recently, Savage X Fenty had been sold exclusively on its own site or at pop-up locations, which are now closed. 

Rihanna isn't the only high-profile celebrity to partner with Amazon in recent months. In July, Lady Gaga launched her new beauty collection, Haus Laboratories, exclusively on Amazon during Prime Day.

Nicole Quinn, a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners and the venture capitalist who put together the deal, told Business Insider that Gaga had wanted to work with Amazon so she could make the brand inclusive for everyone. She wanted to be global from day one, she said.

In an interview with Business of Fashion, Rihanna said Amazon wasn't a partner she could consider turning down. 

"Amazon came in and said, 'Hey, we want to be a part of it,'" she said, adding: "You're not going to deny a platform like Amazon Prime."

SEE ALSO: Former employees reveal what the billionaire head of Victoria's Secret is like as a boss as he faces backlash over his ties to Jeffrey Epstein

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Millions of people signed up to storm Area 51 today — here’s what the invaders will find when they hit the small Nevada town

Businessinsider - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:33

"We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry," it said on the Facebook page. "If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens."

In just three short sentences, the Facebook event page originally titled, "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us," issued a tongue-in-cheek call to action. Get to this tourist attraction, coordinate entry, and storm Area 51!

The page went from silly goof to viral meme in a shockingly short time, and it's easy to understand why: Aliens are a constant source of cultural interest, and the secretive US Air Force base is notoriously associated with housing secret aliens. 

So, are millions of people about to "naruto run" into a US Air Force base in Nevada? The short answer is no, probably not. Here's a look at what they would find if they did:

SEE ALSO: More than 400,000 people have joined a Facebook event planning to 'storm' the supposed UFO hotspot Area 51: 'They Can't Stop All of Us'

The Little A'Le'Inn, in Rachel, Nevada, is a tourist-favorite stop near the USAF base known as Area 51. The 25-year-old hotel offers housing, and sells souvenirs — it is "booked solid" for the upcoming event, according to the website.

"MORE CAMPING MAY BECOME AVAILABLE," it says on the website

The Little A'Le'Inn sits along Nevada's Route 375, known as the "Extraterrestrial Highway" — that's the official name of the route as of 1996, so-named by state legislators.

Not to be outdone by the US government, the Little A'Le'Inn has its own flying saucer for tourists to snap photos with.

Despite Rachel, Nevada's relatively remote location in the desert, the folks at The Little A'Le'Inn are well aware of the upcoming "Storm Area 51" event.

But the Little A'Le'Inn isn't the main attraction for "Storm Area 51" attendees — it's the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction where attendees are supposed to assemble before the proposed storming of the base.

The Area 51 Alien Center is a full-service tourist attraction, providing everything from a gift shop to a restaurant to a 24-hour brothel — the Alien Cathouse.

But all of these tourist attractions only serve to distract the event from its mission: To storm the United States Air Force base known as Area 51. That could be tough.

Though the base is known for conspiracy theories about it housing aliens, in reality it's a United States Air Force base that works on "Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information."

As such, it's heavily guarded with perimeter security. Straight up: It would be a very bad idea to "storm" the base given that it's a military facility.

A US Air Force spokesperson told the BBC that the facility, "is an open training range for the US Air Force, and we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces. The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets."

Fatal injury aside, the concept of people storming Area 51 has led to some pretty fantastic goofs:

Tweet Embed:
me suiting up to join the area 51 raid to break the transformers out of jail pic.twitter.com/ZJIW6Uu0FlTweet Embed:
How I'm pulling up to Area 51


How I'm leaving Area 51 pic.twitter.com/WLAqAWZK1B

Just like the aliens that supposedly exist within the walls of Area 51, it's entirely likely that the millions of people who signed up to storm the facility won't materialize for the event. But just in case they do, there will be plenty of tchotchkes to buy.

Preliminary reports from Nevada show that some folks have begun arriving in town, and one local news station even caught a person "naruto running" on camera:

Youtube Embed:
Width: 800px
Height: 450px

But some of those folks are no doubt in town for what quickly turned into a music festival, known as "Alienstock" — it's two festivals, actually.

After the original Facebook event page went viral, and the US government warned potential visitors about the dangers of storming a military base, the event split in two: There are now at least two events known as "Alienstock."

One, in Rachel, Nevada, is a free music festival from the owners of the Little A'Le'Inn.

The other, a Bud Light-sponsored music festival that took place on Thursday night in downtown Las Vegas, was more of a spin on the original theme than anything else. There was an outright split between the folks in Rachel and the event's original planners.

The latter group posted the following statement on its website:

"Due to the lack of infrastructure, planning, and risk management, along with concerns raised for the safety of the expected 10,000+ attendees, we decided to transition Alienstock away from the Rachel festival towards a safer alternative.

We are officially disconnecting from the Little A'LE'INN, Rachel NV, and AlienStock's affiliation with them. We will no longer offer our logo, social media, website or Matty Roberts likeness or scheduled appearance. In short, the relationship has ended permanently.

AlienStock will be moving to a safe, clean secure area in Downtown Las Vegas as an alternative.

We are not interested in, nor will we tolerate any involvement in a FYREFEST 2.0. We foresee a possible humanitarian disaster in the works, and we can't participate in any capacity at this point.

AlienStock is a brand that stands for unity and concern for like minded people. It's grown into much more than a location. It's a phenomenon that can only promise absolute safety and peace, and we need to move the Festival to guarantee that."


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Australia PM Scott Morrison meets Trump for White House state dinner

BBC News - World - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:20
The two have heaped praise on each other and now Scott Morrison will get a rare state dinner.
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Climate strike: Almost 100,000 Londoners stage protests

Al Jazeera - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:18
More than 200 demonstrations took place across the UK as workers were actively encouraged to join protesting students.
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How to pair your Samsung Galaxy S10 to a car with Bluetooth, to play audio through your car's speakers

Businessinsider - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:13

  • You can pair a Samsung Galaxy S10 to your car to play all of your phone's audio content through the speakers, as well as make hands-free phone calls and hear navigation instructions.  
  • To pair your Galaxy S10 to a car, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and then start your car's pairing process. 
  • You may need to pair a Galaxy S10 to your car when it is parked, as most car manufacturers disable Blueooth pairing when the car is in motion, for safety purposes. 
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

Your Galaxy S10 can easily replace the traditional radio console in your car. 

Instead of relying on your auto manufacturer to include great entertainment options, you can use your car's speakers to hear everything your phone has to offer — Spotify, podcasts, downloaded music, and more — not to mention using your phone hands-free for navigation and voice calls. 

As long as your car includes support for Bluetooth, it's easy to get started. Here's how to do it. 

Check out the products mentioned in this article: Samsung Galaxy S10 (From $899.99 at Best Buy) How to pair your Samsung Galaxy S10 to a car with Bluetooth

To get started, ensure that your Galaxy S10's Bluetooth is turned on and ready to pair with your car. 

1. Start the Settings app.

2. Tap "Connections."

3. On the Connections page, turn on Bluetooth by swiping the button to the right.

4. Take your Galaxy S10 to your car. Start the engine and leave it parked. Most car manufacturers disable features like Bluetooth pairing if the car is in motion, for safety purposes.  

5. Start your car's Bluetooth pairing mode. The procedure for doing this will vary from one car system to another, so you might need to check your car's user guide for details. Even without the instructions, though, you should be able to find the controls by exploring the options in your car. Look for the audio setup settings. 

6. To pair your car with your phone, return to the Connections page in Settings and then tap "Bluetooth."

7. In the Available Devices section, tap the entry for your car when it appears. Most cars will connect automatically, but enter the passcode displayed on the car's display if requested. 

Your car and Galaxy S10 should now be paired. When you start your car in the future, the phone will automatically connect and you will be able to hear the phone's audio through the car's speakers.

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The Apple Watch Series 5 is available now from Best Buy, Apple, and more for $399 and up

Businessinsider - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:12

  • You can buy the Apple Watch 5 at Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Target, Costco, T-Mobile, Walmart, AT&T, ABT, Macy's, and Sprint
  • The Apple Watch 5 is fairly similar to its predecessor, the Apple Watch 4, with some incremental upgrades. 
  • Its major new feature is a display that never turns off, so you can see the time without lifting your wrist. 
  • The Apple Watch 5 can also monitor your steps and exercise output, and delivers 18 hours of battery life, according to Apple. 
  • Apple is offering trade-in credit for older devices, and Sprint has a discount for its current customers. B&H is selling most models for $15 off. 

The Apple Watch 5 is here, and you can buy it now at Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Target, Costco, T-Mobile, Walmart, AT&T, ABT, Macy's and Sprint

The Apple Watch 5 isn't a huge upgrade from its predecessor, the Apple Watch 4, but it does bring some incremental improvements. Its major new feature is an always-on display, so you can see the time without lifting your wrist. 

Like previous Apple Watch models, the Series 5 also monitors your steps and exercise output, and delivers up to 18 hours of battery life. The GPS-only model starts at $399, while the LTE-connected model starts at $499. 

We've rounded up the best Apple Watch 5 deals so far.

The best Apple Watch Series 5 deals you can get right now:
  • Sprint is offering 50% off any model (via monthly bill credits) besides the 44m stainless-steel model with a Milanese loop. The caveats: You need to purchase via a 24-month installment plan, and activate a new watch plan on an account that also has an active phone. 
  • Apple is offering up to $191 of Apple Store credit if you trade in an old watch. This is likely the best deal for folks who are upgrading. From Apple, you can purchase through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. 
  • B&H is selling some Apple Watch 5 models for $15 off. You can get the 40mm GPS-only model for $384, the 44mm GPS-only model for $414, the 40mm GPS+Cellular model for $484, and the 44mm GPS+Cellular model for $514.

If you decide to buy the Apple Watch 5, here's what you'll get. 

An Apple Watch model for everyone

There are many, many different Apple Watch Series 5 styles. Buckle up.

The Watch comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes, which start at $399 and $439 respectively. 

Then, there are case and band options. The base models have aluminum cases in gold, space gray, or silver colors. They also come with the basic sport band strap, which comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. For a bit more money, you can upgrade to a stainless steel case in black, gold, or space black, but those models start at $699. There's also a titanium case in a light or space-black finish that starts at $799 and a white ceramic case beginning at a whopping $1,299.

Then, you can swap in a fancier watch band. An extra $100 gets you a leather buckle strap, a Milanese loop, or a link bracelet. Note that many of these designs are also available for the Apple Watch Series 4. The titanium and ceramic finishes are the notable additions. 

On top of all that, Apple is selling some sporty Nike-branded models, and a blisteringly expensive lineup from Hermes

It's safe to say that no matter your style, you should be able to find a suitable Apple Watch 5. 

An always-on display

If there's one reason to get the Apple Watch Series 5 over any previous edition of the Apple Watch, it's the always-on display. 

For the uninitiated, previous Apple Watches power down their displays when they're not being used. To see the time, you need to raise your wrist (which is more effective with some models than others) or press the physical button. 

The Series 5, however, merely dims its display when it's not in use. You can still read the dimmed screen just fine, according to preliminary reviews. It's a handy feature for workouts, meetings, or other occasions where you might need to quickly glance at the time.  

Apple claims this feature won't cut into battery life, though we'll need to test the device for ourselves to see if that holds. 

The same great fitness tracking

Although there are not that many new fitness features on the new Apple Watch, it still has all the great features that make the previous versions standout smartwatches for fitness tracking. 

Like the Series 4, the Series 5 includes an ECG app that monitors your heartbeat and notifies you of potential issues. The device can also track various exercises, from running and biking to swimming and Stairmasters, and it can automatically detect which exercise you're doing. Thanks to its onboard GPS, the watch can also log your distance, so you don't need to bring your phone along. 

Apple's App Store also has a number of fitness-related programs that you can use to track your activity. The Nike+ Run Club, for example, provides guided audio workouts while tracking your stats, SmartGym features gym-specific premade plans with helpful animations, MySwimPro provides aquatic workouts, and Pocket Yoga provides a dictionary of yoga poses. 

While there were rumors of a new sleep-tracking feature, that's nowhere to be found in the Series 5. 

18-hour battery life

Apple says the Watch 5 can last about 18 hours on one charge. The company said the same thing about its Series 4, which actually exceeded that metric in many battery tests

I'm going to be real with you: If you have a Series 4, it is probably not worth upgrading. The Series 5 has one meaningful upgrade (the always-on display), and it's not likely to make or break your Apple Watch experience. 

But if you're upgrading from a Series 3 or buying a smartwatch for the first time and are excited about the Apple Watch Series 5, you can pre-order the device. It ships September 20 and is available from Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Target, Costco, T-Mobile, Walmart, and Sprint.

Pre-order the Apple Watch Series 5 starting at $399 at Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Target, Costco, T-Mobile, Walmart, AT&T, ABT, Macy's and Sprint. [Ships September 20]

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Every concrete fact and rumor we know about the much-hyped OnePlus TV, all in one place

Businessinsider - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:09

  • The OnePlus TV launches in September in India, with a EU, US, and China release coming later.
  • There are few things we don't know about the OnePlus TV, including its actual release date and how much it'll cost. A recent leak could point us in the right direction about the things we don't know, but we're still not 100% certain about the leak's veracity yet. 
  • But we do know a few things for sure, including its resolution, what kind of screen it'll have, one of the screen sizes it'll come in, which smart TV platform it'll run, and some elements of its design.
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau is dropping teases left and right for the upcoming OnePlus TV, which first launches in India this September.

There's no release date yet for the OnePlus TV's launch in India, nor are we certain when the OnePlus TV will make its way to the US, EU, or China. We don't even know exactly how much it'll cost, yet. 

With that said, we do know a few concrete facts about the OnePlus TV, and we've seen a big leak that supposedly sheds some lights on details we don't know about the OnePlus TV, and it's time to put them all in one place. 

Check out what we know right now about the OnePlus TV:

SEE ALSO: Netflix made a list of the best TVs for using its app — here's which ones made the cut

Fact: The OnePlus TV will have a 4K "QLED" panel that's higher quality than regular LCD panels, and one of the screen size options will be 55 inches. It'll also support Dolby Vision HDR.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed to Business Insider in August that the company is using  QLED screen panels with a 4K resolution. QLED panels offer better colors and contrast than regular LCD panels. 

Amazon India has a product page for the OnePlus TV confirming that it'll come in a 55-inch screen option, and will support Dolby Vision HDR. Combined with the QLED screen, Dolby Vision should make content that supports it really pop.

Fact: OnePlus is focusing on delivering in an area that a lot of TV makers neglect: great audio.

The OnePlus TV will feature eight speakers, output 50W of power, and will have "punchy bass," the company claims in an early listing on Amazon India, where the OnePlus TV will first be released.

Tweet Embed:
Last week, our first #OnePlusTV came off the production line - a truly monumental moment. Within this box you'll find over 2 years of dreams, milestones and of course an amazing TV. Proud to seal the very first box, and can't wait for you to see it! pic.twitter.com/hFuChx6bJW


Fact: The OnePlus TV will have a premium design and specs, and it'll have a premium price to match, OnePlus said.

Fact: The OnePlus TV remote looks incredibly sleek. Many are likening it to the Apple TV remote.

The OnePlus TV remote appears to have some kind of port on its bottom edge. It looks like a USB-C port, which could suggest that the remote will be rechargeable rather than using single-use batteries. 

Fact: And the OnePlus TV will run on Google's Android TV platform, with a few tweaks and optimizations from OnePlus.

Lau told Business Insider that the OnePlus TV will have some extra connectivity features with smartphones. One example he gave was using your smartphone's on-screen keyboard to type in your login credentials instead of using the remote. 

Some streaming services let you log in to their TV apps via the internet on a smartphone or computer, which makes things a lot easier, but not all of them do. The kind of connectivity that Lau described seems useful and bodes well for other features that the OnePlus TV and smartphones will share. 

Fact: It'll launch in India first this September, with the US, EU, and China release coming later.

Rumor: There will be two OnePlus TV models — the OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro.

A massive leak supposedly containing OnePlus TV details recently emerged from a yet-unproven source, PCTablet. It's unclear if the leaks are accurate, and how reliable PC-Tablet actually is. The leak includes an accurate photo of the OnePlus TV's back, which lends the leak some credibility, but it's still best to take the leaks and rumors with a grain of salt. 

The OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro will have differing specs and features.

Starting off with the OnePlus TV Q1, it'll have a 55-inch QLED 4K screen with two speakers. 


Rumor: The OnePlus TV Q1 Pro will be bigger and will come with a bunch more features.

  • The OnePlus TV Q1 Pro will have a 65-inch QLED 4K screen with HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Digital, and Dolby Atmos.
  • It will support video up to 100Hz (for content that plays higher than 60 frames per second).
  • It will have 90 dimming zones, which turns off parts of the screen that are displaying the color black for greater contrast.
  • It also boasts a wide color gamut.
  • The OnePlus TV Q1 Pro also could be the model that sports eight built-in speakers, as is listed on Amazon India's product page for the OnePlus TV. 

Rumor: OnePlus is also releasing a sound bar.

It's not clear if the OnePlus sound bar is pictured in PC Tablet's photos, but there does appear to be a separate soundbar underneath the OnePlus TV Q1. Either way, it's also not clear what kind of specs we can expect in the OnePlus soundbar. 

Rumor: We know the OnePlus TV will run on a modified version of the Android TV platform, and the latest leak suggests it'll be called OxygenTV OS.

Rumor: The OnePlus TV will be announced on September 26, the same day that OnePlus is announcing its new OnePlus 7T phones.

OnePlus will announce the OnePlus TV on September 26, according to PC-Tablet. That's the same day the company will announce its new OnePlus 7T phones, and it makes sense. 

OnePlus said the OnePlus TV will be announced in September, and there are only 10 days left in September as of the time of writing. Either way, we'll have to wait and see. 

Unfortunately, we still don't have a good idea of the OnePlus TV's price tags. 

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Hong Kong police 'pushed to the limit'

BBC News - World - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:03
A senior officer has admitted that Hong Kong police are struggling to deal with months of protests.
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How to use the iPhone's new voice control feature

Businessinsider - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 17:00


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How to delete contacts on a Samsung Galaxy S10 in 3 different ways

Businessinsider - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 16:51

Your Galaxy S10 has a Contacts app which can help you manage all the names, numbers, and email addresses in your life. 

If you no longer need a contact, it's easy to remove. We'll take a look at how to delete a single contact and how to delete a batch of contacts (or even all of them at once). 

Check out the products mentioned in this article: Samsung Galaxy S10 (From $749.99 at Best Buy) How to delete contacts on a Samsung Galaxy S10 

1. Start the Contacts app. 

2. Find the contact that you want to delete and tap it.

3. Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen.

4. In the pop-up menu, tap "Delete." 

5. Confirm you want to permanently remove this contact by tapping "Delete" in the pop-up window. 

How to delete multiple contacts (or all contacts) on a Galaxy S10 

1. Start the Contacts app. 

2. Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen.

3. In the pop-up menu, tap "Delete."

4. Tap each contact that you want to delete. You should see a checkmark appear to the left of each selected contact, over the contact's avatar. If you want to delete all your contacts at once, tap "All" at the top of the screen and you should see every contact receive a checkmark.

5. When you're done, tap "Delete" at the bottom of the screen.

6. In the pop-up window, confirm your choice by tapping "Delete."

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An app that promises to treat a common and debilitating condition just got $8 million to break into the US market — and it's the latest sign of how tech is reshaping healthcare

Businessinsider - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 16:51

  • Back pain is one of the most common medical problems in the US and often needs costly treatments.
  • Kaia Health aims to treat people with back pain by using a multidisciplinary approach, which includes physical, educational, and psychological exercises in an app. 
  • The company wants to increase access and lower costs for treatment. Exercises are daily for 15 to 20 minutes, and a one year subscription costs $80. 
  • The company just raised $8 million in a funding round led by Optum Ventures, with the hope to accelerate Kaia's growth in the US, extend the platform to other types of chronic pain, and expand the amount of evidence supporting the use of the tool.
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Back pain is one of the most common medical problems in the US. And treating it costs at least $50 billion a year.

Roughly half of all working Americans say they have back pain symptoms each year, and it's the third most common reason for visits to the doctor's office, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) says

A German company wants to address the issue and help people get better care.

Konstantin Mehl founded Kaia Health as an app to help people with chronic back pain get consistent care at an affordable rate. The company just raised $8 million to bring the tool to the US.

An app that aims to treat chronic back pain 

"We wanted to address, how can you better empower the user to better understand their condition and better cope with it?" Rutger Flohil, Kaia Health's US CEO, told Business Insider. 

Kaia's app uses artificial intelligence to help come up with treatments for people with back pain. 

The user answers a series of questions about their pain level and where they feel the most pain in their body. Based on their answers, the app creates a series of daily exercises targeted for the specific needs of the user. 

Users then use their smartphone camera to record themselves doing the workouts, and the app can give them feedback to make sure they're doing them correctly. 

A behavioral health coach is also available on the app for users to ask questions and speak to. The app also has educational information and mindfulness exercises, like breathing and relaxation techniques. The exercises average 15 to 20 minutes a day. The app costs $80 for a one-year subscription.

The approach is multidisciplinary, tackling physical, education, and psychological aspects to treat back pain. Physical therapists and health professionals created the exercises for the app. 

The approach differs from more traditional methods of treating back pain, which can include medication like opioids or painkillers, physical therapy sessions, and surgery. 

Cathryn Ramin, a journalist and expert in the field of chronic back pain, said she's skeptical of the Kaia Health app because in her experience spending time with an exercise physiologist, personal trainer or podiatrist is key to recovery.

Ramin said the app's focus on pain or alleviating pain is actually counterproductive. Instead, the goals should be things like picking up grandchildren from school, or doing work in the garden, Ramin said. 

A funding boost to enter the US healthcare market 

Earlier this week, Kaia announced that it raised $8 million in funding led by Optum Ventures, the VC arm of giant healthcare firm UnitedHealth Group. The hope is to accelerate Kaia's growth in the US, extend the platform to other types of chronic pain, and expand the supporting clinical evidence base. 

"Kaia Health has taken a technology-led approach to create a digital therapeutic that will make treatment more accessible to patients who need it," said Heather Roxborough, a partner at Optum Ventures. "We believe Kaia Health's digital therapeutic solutions will benefit those suffering from MSK disorders and are excited about its application in other indications."

The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has around 275,000 users globally. Kaia wouldn't say how many are in the US. The company has raised a total of $22 million. 

Finding partners in the US

Companies that focus on chronic health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and mental health are appealing targets for a digital therapeutics approach, since managing these kinds of diseases is closely tied to behavior. The same can be said for chronic back pain. 

Read more: VCs in the hottest part of healthcare explain why the time is ripe for a mental health funding boom

Kaia Health is hoping that Optum Ventures can connect it with health plans and medical providers who might pay for the service, Flohil said. He said the company has a compelling pitch for employers too, because the app can potentially prevent missed days at the office because of back pain, and lower medical expenses for the employer. 

"Self-insured employers have an interest in providing better care for their employees from a financial perspective because they are taking the medical bills," Flohil said. "Back pain is the first driver of disability claims and absenteeism. They'd be a great partner for us." 

Digital therapeutics remains a lucrative investment opportunity

Digital therapeutics, defined as software-based disease management solutions, often with a mobile app component - has become more prominent in healthcare over the last five years, according to CB Insights.  

Digital therapeutics startups raised $818 million last year across 57 deals, up from $305 million in 2015. Through the first half of this year, investors bet $380 million on startups in the space, according to CB Insights. 

The 2018 total was fueled by larger deals, such as the $105 million raised by diabetes company Livongo Health, which later went public.

Read more: VCs just bet $3.5 billion that tech will transform the future of healthcare. These are the top 9 firms making the most digital health investments.

In May, the journal npj Digital Medicine published a study that compared Kaia's app to the use of physiotherapy in combination with online education for treating back pain. Among patients who completed the study, the Kaia app did a better job of relieving pain.

"It's this type of evidence-based research that we want to do more," Flohil said. "It only helps to build out those partnerships."

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WeWork just lost another executive as the chief investment officer of its real-estate fund resigns

Businessinsider - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 16:46

  • WeWork real-estate investment fund chief investment officer Wendy Silverstein resigned from the company last week, The Real Deal reported on Friday.
  • In May, WeWork announced the launch of ARK, an investment fund set up to purchase commercial properties to lease to WeWork. 
  • Silverstein told The Real Deal that she resigned in order to be available for her two elderly parents and that the move was not related to WeWork's turmoil surrounding its IPO, which was recently delayed.
  • WeWork has lost a number of executives in recent months.
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WeWork real-estate investment fund chief investment officer Wendy Silverstein resigned from the company last week, The Real Deal's David Jeans and Kathryn Brenzel reported on Friday.

Silverstein confirmed her resignation with the publication in an interview.

In May, WeWork announced the launch of ARK, an investment fund set up to purchase commercial properties to lease to WeWork. 

Silverstein told The Real Deal that she resigned in order to be available for her two elderly parents and that the move was not related to WeWork's turmoil surrounding its IPO. 

Silverstein previously worked at New York REIT and Vornado Realty Trust. She joined WeWork in 2018, according to The Real Deal. Silverstein has not announced whether she will be joining a new company.

WeWork declined to comment on Silverstein's departure. The company delayed its IPO plans earlier this month, saying on Monday that it expects to go public by the end of the year.

Read more: Meet WeWork's board of directors, a group of former execs guiding founder Adam Neumann through a flubbed IPO

Silverstein is the latest in a slew of WeWork departures in the months leading up to its parent company's IPO.

Senior WeWork communications executives Dom McMullan and Jennifer Skyler left the company in July and September, respectively. A dozen WeWork HR officials left between August 2018 and August 2019.

Soul Cycle founder Julie Rice, who became WeWork's chief brand officer in November 2017 according to Fast Company, left the company in August, The Real Deal reported. Ted Stedem, global head of business and financial operations, also left WeWork in August, Reuters reported, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Most recently, WeWork's global head of real-estate partnerships Sarah Pontius left the company, The Real Deal reported on Tuesday. Sources familiar with her departure called it a "mutual" agreement between Pontius and the company, also according to The Real Deal.

Read more: WeWork isn't even close to being profitable — it loses $219,000 every hour of every day

WeWork confidentially filed IPO paperwork in December 2018 as The We Company, which also includes WeLive and WeGrow. Neumann announced the filing four months later in April 2019. The We Company publicly filed its S-1 IPO paperwork in August. It was last privately valuated at $47 billion.

Following the public filing, investors and the media began flagging concerns about WeWork's path towards profitability and the impulsivity of its CEO, Adam Neumann. In response, WeWork has delayed its IPO and announced changes to its governance and some of its deals involving Neumann. 

The We Company is now considering a valuation as low as $10 billion for its IPO, Reuters reported on September 13. Earlier in September, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg had reported that The We Company was considering a valuation around $20 billion for its IPO. The Journal also reported that the We Company may delay its IPO to 2020, and SoftBank reportedly urged the company to shelve the plans altogether.

As part of its changes in governance, WeWork has put limits on Rebekah Neumann, WeWork's cofounder and spouse of Adam Neumann. The We Company included a plan for succession in its IPO filing involving Rebekah Neumann, but she was later removed due to investor pushback. She has also been barred from serving on the board.

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Planet SOS: Amazon fires fears rainforest will become desert

Al Jazeera - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 16:33
Last month, the number of wildfires in the Amazon tripled compared with the previous year.
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Moscow frees actor convicted of role in anti-Putin protests

Al Jazeera - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 16:20
Pavel Ustinov denied he had taken part in opposition protests in Moscow last month.
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Former minister from India's ruling BJP arrested after rape claim

Al Jazeera - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 15:56
Swami Chinmayanand of the Hindu nationalist party arrested in Uttar Pradesh state for allegedly raping a student.
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Millions attend global climate strike

BBC News - World - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 15:35
Protesters demand "an end to the age of fossil fuels and climate justice for everyone".
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