First SpaceX crewed mission lands safely

BBC News - World - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 20:19
The moment the first crewed SpaceX mission splashes down safely in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Egypt tells Elon Musk its pyramids were not built by aliens

BBC News - World - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 13:10
Egypt invited the billionaire to visit, after he appeared to tweet support for conspiracy theorists.
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India interior minister tests coronavirus positive: Live updates

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 13:07
Amit Shah says he has tested positive for the virus and has been admitted to hospital.
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Afghanistan ceasefire holds as hundreds of Taliban fighters freed

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 12:41
Government has released 317 Taliban fighters since beginning of Eid al-Adha, office of National Security Council said.
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Black lives will not matter until the economy does

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 12:31
It is time to drop the Western exploitative neoliberal model and build a pan-African prosocial collaborative economy.
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Nick Kyrgios withdraws from US Open because of coronavirus concerns

BBC News - World - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 12:31
Nick Kyrgios withdraws from the US Open citing safety fears caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
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Coronavirus: Victoria declares state of disaster after spike in cases

BBC News - World - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 12:28
The Australian state's premier says "we must go harder" after a surge in new coronavirus infections.
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Microsoft 'pauses talks on TikTok US deal'

BBC News - World - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 12:18
The tech giant's possible purchase of the China-owned app's US arm were put in doubt by Donald Trump.
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Brazil: July surge in Amazon fires raises fears of repeat of 2019

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 12:06
Fires in Brazilian Amazon rise 28 percent, fuelling fears the world's biggest rainforest will again be devastated.
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Will England become a cashless society?

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 11:55
Al Jazeera tells you why some English communities are refusing to go cashless.
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Tropical Storm Isaias nears coronavirus-hit Florida

BBC News - World - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 11:47
Forecasters have warned that Tropical Storm Isaias could strengthen into a hurricane.
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Myanmar: Karen minority demand troops leave area

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 11:44
Myanmar's Karen community marches for justice after soldiers are accused of shooting dead a mother and stealing her jewellery.
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Virginia Woolf and hot fudge sundaes for lunch

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 11:27
My great aunt Marie helped shape my understanding of the world and my place within it without me even realising it.
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Argentina's pandemic squatters

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 11:17
Al Jazeera speaks to Argentinians left out in the cold because by the coronavirus pandemic.
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Young people across the UK worry about their futures

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 11:01
The coronavirus pandemic and related lockdowns are impacting career prospects for young people in the UK.
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Russia: Thousands protest against Kremlin for fourth week

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 10:40
Protesters across Russia demand the release of a governor arrested on what they say are trumped-up murder charges.
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In Pictures: Highways threaten Cairo's historic City of the Dead

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 10:14
Preservationists raise alarm as Egypt government drives highways through cemeteries where sultans and saints are buried.
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'black' to 'Black': Rewriting the race style guide

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 09:58
Campaigners have long called for US news outlets to rethink their race reporting and increase diversity in the newsroom.
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Nasa SpaceX crew return: Astronauts set for ocean splashdown

BBC News - World - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 09:35
Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken's SpaceX capsule will make the first crewed US water landing in 45 years.
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India's political prisoners: UN calls for release of activists

Al Jazeera - Sun, 08/02/2020 - 09:31
The BJP government denies accusations the charges against the left-wing activists are politically motivated.
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